Enable community-led growth for your brand

Ubu is the all-in-one platform allowing you to grow and engage your community and generate sales through your best fans.

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Stay in the loop with all your channels, in one place.

Connect all your social channels and make sure your team doesn’t miss any opportunity.
Track every single piece of content.

Integrate your e-commerce platform and generate more sales.

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From interactions to opportunities.

Stay organised with your team and leverage all your interactions into opportunities.

Generate discount codes and affiliate links directly from within conversations, and track the content created as well as the results generated, all in one place.

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Engage your community and hire new ambassadors with Ubu by sharing coupons, discount and products.

Recruit the right ambassadors for your brand.

Welcome to your first Community Data Platform.

The best ambassadors that love what you’re doing will create better content and more engagement at a far lower cost.
Identify those profiles that love your brand the most and do the same with other Instagram accounts you admire.

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Convert your fans into expressive ambassadors.
At scale.

Segment & engage your tribe in different campaigns.
Manage all your relationships in one place, drive trackable sales through affiliate links & tracked promo codes.

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Track and report everything. Automatically.

Why build spreadsheets when you could be building relationships instead?

Track your EMV, reach, follower growth, as well as your content and other key stats across channels, all in one place. Even check your revenue results from Shopify — for each specific campaign, for each specific ambassador.

You’ll always know where the money is.

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Take it from the brands we work with.

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Embrace community-led growth for your brand and generate more sales.

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