How did We Are Jolies get 1200 opt-ins using Ubu.

The secret to conversational selling.
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The results:

Charlotte Mispoulet
Head of Communications & Marketing

“Being able to collect so many opt-ins at once is truly what allowed us to skyrocket our business”

We Are Jolies is a womenswear DTC brand that aims at empowering women with inclusive lounge and underwear lines. Like other DTCs they needed a new acquisition channel to counteract the ever rising costs of acquisition. Thanks to Ubu they were able to collect 1200 opt ins at once using our conversational marketing plan.
We Are Jolies needed a way to reach new customers while saving on their costs of acquisition. We figured the best way to that was to engage their existing follower base. But 123K followers, finding and leveraging them would have been quite a hassle.
With Ubu’s conversational marketing solution, they were able to automatically find and leverage new ambassadors by collecting opt-ins via Instagram DM and thus turning them into recurring customers.
Thanks to this strategy they collected 1200 opt-ins at once with a 40% CTR. They were able to reach a stunning ROAS of 8 for this activation. Thanks to Ubu, We Are Jolie unlocked a scalable channel and secured a steady cash flow.