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Get access to the most detailed activity dashboard for Instagram to finally understand how you perform. Track UGC you're mentioned in and save what stands out. Forever.

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Track your growth with the most valuable and accurate data

Learn how you perform on social with the most detailed analytics dashboard for Instagram. Compare your stats weekly to track your growth, improve your social presence, and boost your brand's revenues.

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View external content to see where you appeared

Everything that comes into your orbit is monitored so you always know where you appeared, how, and what you gained from it. Save all external content forever and engage with your fans in just a click.

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Save all UGC you're mentioned in, forever

Having access to user generated content shouldn't be a race against time... We save all medias you are mentioned in so you are free to reuse, repost and share them whenever you wish.

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Get the full picture of people you interact with

Never find yourself again interacting with someone without crucial insight. Take a quick look at the user panel to know everything about your interlocutor and what you can gain from engaging with them.  Learn more

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Engage ambassadors on the go

Add influencers to your campaigns and reach them all at once in just a click. Ubu helps you keep track of your progress for each conversation and highlights your campaign's mentions for you. Learn more

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Image showing Instagram analytics