How Visionnaire is driving 15% of online sales with Instagram DMs

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The results:

of total sales through DMs
conversion rate
Sarah Montier
Project Manager

Instagram DMs went from an awareness channel to our #1 CRM channel

Visionnaire, a vanguard in streetwear, merges urban culture with artistic design. Their youthful audience, however, was disengaged with traditional email marketing, prompting a need for a more fitting communication strategy.
Visionnaire struggled with low engagement on email channels, as these methods didn't align with their young audience's digital preferences. This disconnect was a barrier to effective communication and customer conversion.
Solution introduced an Instagram DM strategy to align with the audience's online habits. They assisted Visionnaire in developing direct messaging workflows, nurturing leads, and crafting campaigns. A highlight was the new collection pre-launch via DMs, contributing to 70% of sales for the event.
This approach led to a 20% followers-to-lead ratio and 15% of sales driven through Instagram DMs. A significant milestone was the promotion of the VSNNR Comedy Club, resulting in a sold-out event, thanks to a targeted DM campaign. Visionnaire achieved a 10% DM-to-sales conversion rate.