The community marketing tool built to drive 10% of online revenue.

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Unlock Community Marketing with Ubu and drive 10% of your acquisition.

Engage with your social audience through Instagram DMs in order to turn them into repeat buyers.

  • Capture leads
    Automatic Instagram opt-ins request from your follower base

  • Engage
    With Instagram DM with 100% open rate and more than 40% CTR rate

    3x more than through e-mail marketing

100% Open Rate
40% CTR

Affiliate Engagement.

Generate sales by making your follow base a crew of resellers:

  • Ambassador recruitment
    Automatically recruit ambassadors from your community, no form, no research.

  • Ambassador engagement
    Incentivise your ambassadors to generate sales via Instagram DM

    Reward program
    Performance-rewarding for your crew of ambassadors

No product gifting
Generate UGC

Performance analytics.

Effortlessly monitor and optimze your results.

  • Content monitoring

  • Sales tracking

    Affiliation monitoring

Take it from the brands we work with.

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