How does The Bradery get $200K monthly using Ubu?

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The results:

Leads Captured
Ambasadors Recruited
Incremental Revenues
Mahé Delapalme
Marketing manager

“We were able to unlock a massive recurring revenue using Ubu!”

The Bradery is a fashion marketplace that offers private sales and partners with sustainable brands and designers. They have a big online community with more than 300K followers on instagram. Ubu helped them finding and leveraging the best members of their community to turn them into ambassadors and customers using conversational selling.
With more than 300k followers, The Bradery needed a comprehensive way to engage and segment their community. They also needed a way to automate reward programs and re-engagement processes, and they had a hard time finding their best brand ambassadors from their followers.All of this digging and processes were extremely costly and time-consuming for them.So naturally we helped them.‍
Ubu’s CRM allows them to automate the process of finding & engaging their best followers and segmenting them into segments for high-value partnerships. With Ubu, The Bradery can finally track the performance of each of their ambassadors (UGC, revenues…) and easily reward them.
Thanks to Ubu, The Bradery now manages 1000 ambassadors and make $200K/month with our solution. They can now easily scale this strategy whenever they need it for a campaign. It’s a steady cash flow and a true pot of gold they unlocked using Ubu.