How Sisters Republic got a 3x ROAS on a presale using Ubu?

Every marketer’s dream.
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The results:

Stephanie Leone
Co-founder & CEO

“I just couldn’t believe it when I saw the amount of orders in real time. It was amazing”

Sisters Republic is a DTC brand that sells menstrual underwear and swimwear. They used Ubu to unlock conversational selling and by doing so secured a new stream of income with impressive results.
It’s not a secret, the costs of acquisition are bananas right now and brands need a way to reach new customers without going bankrupt on marketing. For their pre-sale event, Sisters Republic needed a way to automatically find and leverage the best members of their 147K follower community to unlock conversational selling. And to do so , a solid opt-in strategy was required.
They used Ubu to automatically identify new ambassadors withing their follower base before segmenting them and sending custom opt-in requests via Instagram DM. By doing so they were able to convert them into recurring customers & brand ambassadors.
This strategy got them 1500 opt-ins at once that generated $2.5K on a pre-sale for more than 500 clicks. With ubu, they reached a ROAS superior to 3 and allowed Sisters Republic to truly skyrocket as a brand. Unlocking a new channel and securing a steady cash flow is vital today’s DTC brands.