How Paul & Joe unlocked Conversational Selling to generate $50K/m?

And how you can too.
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The results:

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Camille Rousselle
Secrectary General

Ubu blew our minds! When we tested their Instagram DM solution with Paul & Joe, we couldn't believe it.

Paul & Joe is a well-known french fashion brand. For the last 27 years, they have offered high-end and timeless products for their consumers. With an Instagram audience of 127K followers, they needed a way to convert them into customers and for that a new channel was required. Ubu allowed them to automate recruitement and conversion through Instagram DM with a scalable solution to create a whole new revenue stream.
Paul & Joe is a high-end fashion brand, meaning their products are quite pricey and those who buy from them are mostly recurring customers. So in order to convert a new audience, they needed to unlock a new channel that would take their followers directly into the funnel : conversational marketing.
Ubu allowed them to unlock conversationnal marketing thanks to a new Instagram DM newsletter. It allows them to reach their Instagram audience directly through DM with personalized and automated messages according to their segmentation. Thanks to that, they are able to initiate highly converting conversations, allowing the brand to drive more revenues through their Instagram audience.
Each campaign using Instagram DM newsletter, they reached a CTR of over 25K leads captured, >15x ROAS and got $50K/month in sales, while building a long lasting community of ambassadors & customers, while making sure to better their brand image and customer relationships. They now can expand this strategy to reuse and scale thus creating an ever lasting source of revenue.