How did La fontana get 15X ROAS using Ubu?

The best way to leverage Instagram DM.
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The results:

Leads Captured
Incremental Revenues
Mara Lafontan
Founder, La Fontana Paris

"Ubu made it easy for us to generate 20k€/m in sales. We're excited to offer this new relationship with our clients."

La Fontana Paris was going viral. But they struggled with their costs of acquisition and brand engagement, like many other businesses. They needed Ubu to better monetize their audience . With us, they tripled their conversion rate in 48h and made $20K for their product product launch.
La Fontana has strong authority and overall a good engagement rate. But their product oriented organic posts were not performing quite as well in terms of conversion and engagement due to Instagram's algorithm. needed a way to turn their followers into customers at scale while remaining personal. They wanted to have a more convesationnal and personal approach with it so they figured that the best way to attain this goal was to leverage Instargam DM. But they would have spent hours on it if they had done it themselves.
We set up Ubu's conversational workflows and a 1-to-1 personality test that guides customers through the funnel by asking personal questions and suggesting the right product. Marie Lafontan incentivized her followers to send a specific emoji via DM to trigger the automation.
La Fontana Paris achieved a $20K revenue and 100% CTR, selling out their product launch in just 48 hours. Working with Ubu saved them time and money. We specialize in effortless conversational marketing, simplifying the process and delivering outstanding results.