How Soi Paris got 1000 opt-ins using Ubu’s conversational selling?

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The results:

Elodie Trébuchet
Head of digital marketing & e-commerce

“Ubu’s conversational selling solution changed the way we do marketing. It’s seriously amazing.”

Soi Paris is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand that specializes is maximalist prints and fabrics. Because of the rising costs of acquisition, they needed to unlock a new channel and make their social media management profitable, and were able to do so thanks to Ubu.
With their 97K followers on Instagram, they needed a simple and time efficient way to leverage the best of them to turn them into both ambassadors and customers at the same time. But doing that manually is time-consuming especially when you need to collect opt-ins to start your conversational selling campaign.
Thankfully, Ubu is the best way to leverage conversational selling via Instagram DM. Soi Paris was able to automatically find and leverage the best members of their community, segment them and send custom opt-in requests to turn their followers into ambassadors and customers.
With our solution, they were able to collect 1000 opt-ins with a 45% CTR and an impressive ROAS of 5. This activation was their most profitable campaign to date. But the real beauty is that it generates a steady cash flow and that they can repeat the process whenever they want to scale their business.