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Ubu is your gateway to authentic engagement.
Combine social management with influencer marketing,
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Engage your community, build relationships 🔥

Enjoy a delightful interface that allows you to turn casual conversations with your community into authentic & direct relationships. Never miss out on an opportunity again, either for sales or partnerships.

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Monitor everything that comes in your orbit ⚡

Get access to the most detailed activity dashboard for Instagram to finally understand how you perform. Track UGC you're mentioned in and save what stands out. Forever.

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Grow your fleet of ambassadors 🚀

Find and awake the sleeping ambassadors of your brand to engage them through high conversation rate campaigns! Get reports, tips and highlights on both yours as well as their performance.

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Take it from the brands we work with.

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We've never been more effective in managing and animating our community than with Ubu. Truly life changing!



Community manager, @wethenew
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Ubu makes community management, influence marketing and customer service as easy as abc. This insanely powerful tool has boosted our productivity, there is no going back !



Social Media Manager, @laroseecosmetiques
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Viewing and saving content we're mentioned in was a huge hassle for our team. Ubu literally changed our lives by doing the job for us, and by letting us filter our gallery to highlight valuable content 🤩



Chief Marketing Officer, @paulandjoeparis

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